Staying organized is half the battle.

Which doesn't mean you should spend half your life worrying about it.

Fixed connections are fantastic.

Unless we’re talking about operating systems.

ELOprofessional lets you work away from your desk. Whether you use a standard Windows client, non-platform-dependent Java clients, an Internet gateway, or your smartphone – you always have access to the same range of functions through an intuitive user interface.

This opens up a world of options, and your document management system merges seamlessly with enterprise content management and workflow management to create a unique, integrated solution for your company’s entire information flow.

ELOprofessional 9 – the highlights

  • Multi-client strategy for desktop, Web, mobile, and smartphone clients
  • Client-based scripting environment to enable automation and program add-ons
  • Document management with a freely definable, dynamic folder structure
  • In-house workflow server with graphical workflow designer
  • Web content management that integrates all document management functions
  • Read-only archiving with certified long-term storage support
  • Multi-client capability for various business areas
  • Automatic mass data entry

Further information about ELOprofessional

ELOprofessional product brochure

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