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ELO Contract

Digital contract management for more peace of mind.

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Business relationships without contracts are simply unthinkable today. Managing these contracts is demanding and time-consuming. Rely on ELO Contract and keep track of dates and deadlines at all times, simply and stress-free.

Manage your contracts digitally with ELO Contract and monitor and maintain your contracts simply, securely and transparently at every stage. 

Create contract documents, define users and rights, monitor deadlines with the timeline, extend and terminate contracts automatically or manually and use the sophisticated resubmission management to remind you of relevant deadlines. All contract documents are managed efficiently, transparently and legally compliant with the digital contract file. 

Put your trust in ELO Contract and sit back and relax.

The highlights

Contract management:

Transparent and legally compliant

Contract processes:

Keep an eye on running times, dates and deadlines at all times

Evaluation and controlling:

without effort and in real time


Central overview of all contracts and their details

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